When Should I Use a Short Code?
The best time to use a short code is when you want to reach a large audience quickly. Short codes let you
send thousands of messages at once, making them ideal for mass texting. There are two types of short codes:

1. Shared
2. Dedicated

A shared short code, like 555888, is a number used by multiple businesses. If you use a shared short code, you’ll be
limited in what keywords you can use. If another entity has already claimed a keyword, you won’t be able to use
the same one.

A dedicated short code is a number that only you can use. You can get a randomly generated short code or select
a custom vanity short code. For example, a spa may choose the custom code “73529” which spells out “RELAX.”

What Is an SMS Long Code?
A long code is a standard, 10-digit number. Just like a short code, it can be used to send SMS messages.

Advantages of Long Codes
With a long code, your company can use the same number to send SMS messages, place calls and send faxes. It
can be helpful to establish a consistent channel for all forms of customer communication. Our business texting
service even lets you text-enable an existing landline or VoIP line.
Plus, a message that comes from a standard, 10-digit number feels like it’s coming from a person, not a bot.
That makes long codes perfect for providing a personalized customer service experience.

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