Toll-Free With IVR

Toll-Free With IVR
IVR is just like adding beauty to the business. It is provided by the toll-free number provider. IVR (Interactive Voice
Response) is a user-friendly platform that helps greet customers with a perfect welcome voice message. A
business comprises multiple units but which unit a customer wants to connect to – is only known to the customer.
The IVR service provides a facility of single connection that connects the consumer directly to the concerned
department. The call receiving of IVR is quite flexible and calls can be forwarded to any number without putting no
extra effort. IVR is a time-saver facility too as customers don’t need to ask much of the concerned department or
person from the third party rather they can directly communicate so, IVR helps largely save time.
IVR Features
Welcome Voice Message
IVR gives a way to record the welcome voice message. This is recorded in a human voice that gives an
awesome experience to the caller. It is a customized voice recording facility.
Don’t miss any call
Customers create the foundation of a company so never miss a single call from their side as it can be a good loss to
your company as well. With the help of real-time notification of IVR, you can get details of all calls on your mail
and contact them to convert at right time.
Call Routing Method
IVR is a way to make a call routing arrangement depending upon the customer’s requirement. This call routing is
a clear notion so the caller can contact the right department without getting confused.
Multiple Extensions
With the help of multiple extensions, a single number can be assigned to a number of agents of the company. It
aids customers to make their doubts clear at fullest.
Change number easily
The IVR doesn’t mean fit to a certain number and irreplaceable rather you can shift it as per your requirement
and wish. There is no mess in doing so.
SMS and Email notification
IVR service enables you to get all customer call details in real time. This data can be used in future as well for further

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